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About Us

Kiaras Clean Services is your solution to a clean home! We are a local company in the Richmond Area specializing in all kinds of cleaning services, just so YOU can come home to a beautiful and clean house.

Everyone understands what a "groan-worthy" and tedious task house cleaning can be - it is time consuming, hard to fit in already-hectic schedules, and tiring. This is why we come to the rescue, right at your door, with all the cleaning supplies ready to clean your home for you, saving your time, energy, and groans. Kiaras Clean Services is equipped with not just the right cleaning tools and supplies but also a team of dedicated maids who are especially good at cleaning houses. We pack all our residential cleaning services with a ribbon of affordability, so that you don't just get a professionally cleaned out home but is also easy on your pocket.

It doesn't matter whether you have a home that looks as if "a hurricane hit it" thanks to small children or pets or are a businessperson who just does not get the time to clean out the house, but no worries we are here to help. 

Why Us?

  • Care of your house, furniture, and items like it's our own!
  • Use quality cleaning tools and supplies of our own (vacuum cleaners, mops, etc.)
  • Clean out major as well the smallest parts of a room. No "only surface" cleaning when it comes to Perfection!
  • Only professional and trained maids and cleaners will be entering your home.
  • Work by your requirements and special instructions. (Don't want that heirloom vase touched? No problem!)
  • Cleaning services that will leave a smile on your face

We Offer Free Estimate. Call Us Now!

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